Best SUV 2013

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Best SUV 2013

What Will The Best SUV 2013 Bring Us?

Selecting the best SUV 2013 brings, is indeed a tough task. With car manufacturers each trying to capture the SUV market with their designs, vehicle performance, and pricing, the choice available to the public, is large. Out of the many contenders for the top spot, the Toyota Landcruiser Diesel seems to stand out. Let us look at some of the other big and super special SUV's on the market.

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Top SUV 2013 List

With an outback dual-tank conversion, the Landcruiser cruises its way to the top as Best SUV 2013. A hot favourite, especially with families, the vehicle boasts of reliability and durability, besides comfort and style. But talk about the expense of running this car. Certainly not easy on the pocket. Operating on diesel, the SUV still eats up a lot of fuel. Its all-round maintenance does not also come cheap. Nor does its depreciation value come down too much. Because it is such a popular SUV, Toyota have not gone in for any major changes to the vehicle. Toyota has a smaller version SUV, called the Rav4. Though this model sports a new look for 2013, its performance remains unchallenged. Another SUV in the smaller class models, is the Ford Escape, which is being advertised in two models. Both the Ford Escape and the Toyota Rav4 have good fuel consumption, and pricewise, are more affordable. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, an SUV that screams 'challenge', can literally challenge everything and anything in its path. It is a really rough and tough vehicle, and in its new diesel-operated version, is a good buy for those who need a really sturdy SUV. Available in different horse power levels, the Jeep Grand Cherokee also comes with different price tags.

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Best Car 2013 The Porsche Cajun?

Difficult to keep car manufacturers who normally specialize in salon cars, out of the race for SUV's. Lamborghini, the famous car racing experts, will be announcing their new SUV version in Beijing, shortly. Their explanation for this deviation from their normal salon cars, is that more and more countries are now looking at big family size cars, so it's a new market to explore. So too, the Porsche car manufacturers. Porsche have come up with a new SUV - the Porsche Cajun. While Maserati will soon unveil its latest SUV, with the Ferrari V8 engine, giving the vehicle a speed of 450 hp. The Chevrolet Malibu vehicle from General Motors is ready, and in the process of being shipped to car dealers.

So who will occupy the top spots of Best SUV 2013. Indeed a difficult decision to make, but one that leaves the public a handful of choices. We expect a the top car brands to aim for the title of best suv 2014 as well.
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